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Permanently delete a Spotify account

A few years ago, I signed up for Spotify through Facebook. I wanted to break that link and sign up with a regular email and password.

Turns out, this was way harder than I thought. Spotify really doesn’t want you to close your account with them.

Now this is a story all about how my life got flip turned upside down I closed my Spotify account.

The journey starts by going to the contact support page.

I picked “Account” and on the following page picked “I want to close my account.”.

Contact support page

After picking “I want to close my account”, I got sent to a page with 2 options. A playful one colored in the typical Spotify-green with some extra shapes on top and a boring black and white one. I wanted the boring one.

In all fairness, this page does have some good info. For instance it tells you the username of this account can not be used again.


Since I created the account with Facebook login, my username was a bunch of numbers and I didn’t care about that.

After clicking the button labelled “close account” I got sent to a page that asked if I was sure.

Are you sure?

So, in a slightly annoyed fashion, I clicked the “close account” button on that page.

This wasn’t the ending! Oh no, it was the first step in a new sequence of steps.

The next page showed some details about my acount, like the username and the account creation method that was used.

confirm some details

I confirmed that, yes, this was indeed, my Spotify accound and clicked “continue”.

The next page repeated some information from the black and white option from a few steps ago. It also told me the data they gathered will be anonymised, except for the data they are legally allowed to keep.

So I checked the “I understand” checkbox and clicked the “continue” button.

Information I need to know before closing my account

The last step in that sequence told me to check my email. The account wouldn’t be closed until I confirmed it by clicking the link they sent to me.

check your email

Fair enough, this is a reasonable step. I went to the email linked to that account and clicked another “close my account” button.

Confirm you want to close your account

Victory! 🎉 That sent me to a page that notified me I had closed my account. It also mentions: “If you want to use the same email address, you need to wait 14 days.”

Bummer, I did this to change login methods and want to use the same email to signup. Only this time, not through Facebook but directly.

Another email arrived with the confirmation of closing the account and a link I could click within 7 days if I changed my mind and wanted to keep the account.

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