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  • Advent of Code 2023 Day 25

    By Nicky Meuleman

  • Underused gems of the web: WebWorkers

    Underused gems of the web: WebWorkers

    By Nicky Meuleman

  • WebAssembly. Scary name, exciting applications.
  • Affine cipher

    Affine cipher

    By Nicky Meuleman

  • Multithreading in Rust
  • CSS Position

    CSS Position

    By Nicky Meuleman

  • Multilingual codeblocks
  • Adding math support to a Gatsby MDX blog
  • Big O, when 1 + 1 = 1
  • The Windows package manager, winget
  • Love errors

    Love errors

    By Nicky Meuleman

  • A CSS-only, animated, wrapping underline.
  • Syntax highlighting codeblocks with theme-ui
  • Adding a Table of Contents that updates on scroll
  • Automation with GitHub Actions
  • Automation with git hooks
  • Automate dependency updates
  • Clean up old git branches
  • RE:JAMstack


    By Nicky Meuleman

  • Serverless GraphQL - the third
  • Serverless GraphQL - part deux
  • From zero to a serverless GraphQL endpoint in a flash
  • Using Graphical User Interfaces like Cypress' in WSL2
  • How to unfork a repo on GitHub
  • The Windows Terminal
  • WSL2, zsh, and docker. Linux through Windows.
  • Skipping renders and memoization in React
  • React refs

    React refs

    By Nicky Meuleman

  • JSON-schemas are awesome
  • Pagination in GatsbyJS
  • Linting and formatting CSS
  • Upgrading to Gatsby v2
  • Selecting in CSS
  • Manipulate text like a boss
  • Reviving my laptop
  • Setting up a fresh development environment, part 3
  • Setting up a fresh development environment, part 2
  • Setting up a fresh development environment, part 1
  • Automagically lint and format your code

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